My Services

Grazing Management Plans

Assess the current status of land and its health to develop a tailored grazing management plan to maximize forage and livestock productivity along with improving weed and drought resistance.

Land Health Assessment

Assess the present weed and drought resistance of rangeland, hayland, pasture and forest land. Additionally, assessment of the present productivity relative to the land's potential, along with pest/disease resistance and fire resilience.

Seminars and Public Speaking

Available to conduct educational seminars or speak at local forums and tours. Topics may include:

  • grazing management systems
  • drought management
  • ranch planning and economics
  • livestock nutrition
  • ranching for profit
  • range improvement practices
  • forest management
  • timber harvest and marketing
  • post fire restoration
  • weed management
  • plant and weed identification (range, forest, pasture)
  • forest fuels management
  • and more

Forest Management Planning

Can provide a detailed forest inventory and management plan based on your goals (forest health, wildlife, productivity, recreation, aesthetics, livestock grazing, etc.) or a rapid evaluation of the following:

  • forest health
  • current productivity
  • potential productivity
  • catastrophic fire hazard
  • insects/disease
  • tree species and composition
  • understory plant composition
  • weeds
  • forest products, volume estimates

Weed Assessments and Management Planning

Can identify noxious weed infestations on your property as well as help develop a management plan to improve land health and aesthetics.

Ecological Restoration

Assessment of riparian or land deterioration and development of a plan to restore health and function.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Wildlife habitat assessments and planning based on landowner's goals and identifying limiting habitat factors for individual species.

Livestock nutrition assessments, range nutrition assessments, range monitoring and more

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